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WDA-Americas is excited to announce its first online digital dance concert series!  For more information or to submit a video for consideration, visit the WDA-A Digital Dance Concert page!

World Dance Alliance - Americas (WDA-Americas) is an independent, non-profit, non-political, and non-religious member-driven organization. It is part of the larger World Dance Alliance including the Asia-Pacific Network and other global regions. World Dance Alliance:
  • provides information, advocacy, and communication for dance organizations and individuals;
  • offers a forum for the exchange of ideas, information expertise, and resources in all areas of dance;
  • encourages an awareness of, access to, and understanding of dance as an art, ritual, traditional expression, and as a leisure-time activity in diverse communities throughout the world;
  • encourages the protection of dance repertoire in all dance forms by preservation in notation, film, and other media; and
  • supports the work of existing dance organizations and collaborates with other groups in related disciplines.

WDA-Americas Facebook Feed

Below are the most recent posts to our Facebook page. Click here for more information!

Linda Caldwell Linda Caldwell shared The Sound Gallery's video to the group: World Dance Alliance - Americas.
The Sound GalleryDebra Paget does the cobra dance in Fritz Lang's "Tomb Of Love."

22.05.2015 at 03:38 pmLike

Meenakshy Bhaskar I wonder what the Brahmin men in the background were thinking! Very interesting, LOVE how it opens with the hands crawling out.22.05.2015 at 11:14 pm
Linda Caldwell
Interested in working at C-DaRE? Full time and Part time positions availableus7.campaign-archive2.comDue to the expansion of C-DaRE we are able to offer a number of fully and partially funded full-time PhD studentships for highly motivated postgraduates wanting to undertake research that aligns with one of our research themes:

21.05.2015 at 05:21 pmLike

Linda Caldwell Linda Caldwell shared Jacob's Pillow Dance's photo to the group: World Dance Alliance - Americas.
Jacob's Pillow DanceLaunching Tomorrow! Explore the completely redesigned Jacob's Pillow Dance Interactive. This vast and addictive video resource has a new look, enhanced features, and is completely optimized for your mobile device.


Stay tuned. The new site launches tomorrow (May 20) at 10am.

20.05.2015 at 11:35 pmLike

Linda Caldwell
Love Sonnets - Thierry De Mey (extrait)"Love Sonnets", 1993, film de Thierry De Mey sur une chorégraphique de Michèle Anne De Mey. Love Sonnets a reçu une mention spéciale du festival des films d’Arts…

20.05.2015 at 07:50 pmLike



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