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WDA-Americas is excited to announce its first online digital dance concert series!  For more information, visit the WDA-A Digital Dance Concert page!

World Dance Alliance - Americas (WDA-Americas) is an independent, non-profit, non-political, and non-religious member-driven organization. It is part of the larger World Dance Alliance including the Asia-Pacific Network and other global regions. World Dance Alliance:
  • provides information, advocacy, and communication for dance organizations and individuals;
  • offers a forum for the exchange of ideas, information expertise, and resources in all areas of dance;
  • encourages an awareness of, access to, and understanding of dance as an art, ritual, traditional expression, and as a leisure-time activity in diverse communities throughout the world;
  • encourages the protection of dance repertoire in all dance forms by preservation in notation, film, and other media; and
  • supports the work of existing dance organizations and collaborates with other groups in related disciplines.

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Linda Caldwell Linda Caldwell shared Jesse Phillips-Fein's event to the group: World Dance Alliance - Americas.
Dance Without Walls workshops: the nia love undergroundDance Without Walls workshops: the nia love undergroundDance Without Walls (the nia love underground)
co-facilitated with benin ford & jesse phillips-fein

“Gestures are atoms that make up the sheets of our memory...tissue that travel with us from light years away...traveling on our trajectory biding us both greetings and farewells!” ~ Nia Love

Friday July 17th 6-9pm, Saturday & Sunday July 18th & 19th, 10am-1pm
$50/day, $135 for all three
(Sliding scale for parents available)
***Sign up a friend and receive a 25% discount! We are especially interested in “non-dancers.”
Location: Multiple outdoor locations throughout NYC
To register: email

This movement-based, multimedia living art workshop creates space where “we the people” can study ways to perform meaningfully, powerfully and truthfully through improvisations at the intersections of dance, nature, and urban structures. With movement, discourse, journaling, drawing, and building small ecological sculptures, we manifest new ideas about about ourselves from which communal and global solidarity can radiate. This work is built on foundation of deep support and trust; we help each other to fertilize our thoughts clearly and to use our bodies as both a landscape and a tool that excavates our power as a people, activates our well-being, and engenders collectivism. Our aim is to create malleable networks that bond and aid us in on-going practices of liberating and reclaiming what lies dormant in our mind-bodies.

Open to artists (of all mediums), scientists, waitress/ waiters, managerial staff, construction workers, secretaries, vet technicians and any other warriors that fight everyday for their own visions and ...

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Linda Caldwell Linda Caldwell shared National Women's History Museum's photo to the group: World Dance Alliance - Americas.
National Women's History Museum15-year-old Janet Collins tried out for the renowned Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo company in 1932 but she declined to join when she found out that she would not be allowed to perform without painting her African American skin white. She went on to become the first (and still to this day, only) Prima Ballerina at the Metropolitan Opera, in 1951. (Photo via ...

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Linda Caldwell
NERVES -"Nerves" is a piece of physical and experimental expressions of young boys from Manipur in northeast India. Most of the lives of the people in Manipur are ex...

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Linda Caldwell Linda Caldwell shared Capacity Interactive - Digital Marketing Consulting for the Arts's video to the group: World Dance Alliance - Americas.
Capacity Interactive - Digital Marketing Consulting for the ArtsHey arts marketers—we're looking at you! Flex your digital marketing muscles in NYC this October.

Register and save $100 on admission through 9/15.

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