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World Dance Alliance - Americas (WDA-Americas) is an independent, non-profit, non-political, and non-religious member-driven organization. It is part of the larger World Dance Alliance including the Asia-Pacific Network and other global regions. World Dance Alliance:
  • provides information, advocacy, and communication for dance organizations and individuals;
  • offers a forum for the exchange of ideas, information expertise, and resources in all areas of dance;
  • encourages an awareness of, access to, and understanding of dance as an art, ritual, traditional expression, and as a leisure-time activity in diverse communities throughout the world;
  • encourages the protection of dance repertoire in all dance forms by preservation in notation, film, and other media; and
  • supports the work of existing dance organizations and collaborates with other groups in related disciplines.

WDA-Americas Facebook Feed

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Linda Caldwell International Dance Festival in Lublin, Poland . . . Cool Poster!

10.23.2014 at 11:18 amLike

Linda Caldwell
“Keanu Fu” at the Grand Mal Balletwww.clydefitchreport.comInnovations within artistic traditions tend to fold in on themselves over time.

10.23.2014 at 09:06 amLike

Linda Caldwell
Inversedance | Zoltan Fodor Company - Lóránd Zachár WorkshopA Lóránd Zachár workshop held in October 2014 for the Inversedance | Zoltan Fodor Company. For more information follow us on Facebook

10.20.2014 at 08:10 amLike

Linda Caldwell
Dance: The College at Brockportwww.brockport.eduThe Department of Dance comprises artists, scholars, and educators who train dancers on the graduate and undergraduate level for a wide variety of careers in the arts as choreographers, performers, teachers, and leaders in the dance field. The students in the highly selective programs excel not only…

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