Election Process

WDA-Americas 2015 Elections

The deadline to submit and accept nominations is _______________.

The terms of _________________ will expire in 2014.  Nominations for these positions are presented by the Current Administrative Leadership (CAL) and nominees must be a WDA member in good standing.  This policy ensures that those elected officials who are responsible for the day-to-day management and leadership of the organization have already established historical experience with the organization. These nominated individuals will be elected by the majority membership during the general election.

The terms of _____ member of the WDA-Americas Board of Directors will expire in 2015.  Additionally, we are looking to expand the scope of the Board of Directors by increasing its size with the addition of one more member, particularly with leadership from South America.  WDA-Americas is soliciting nominations to fill these two openings.

Any WDA-Americas member is eligible to be nominated for the Board of Directors. Additionally, a non-member may be nominated if she/he agrees to become a member of WDA-Americas when they accept their nomination. The term for each Board Member is three years with the possibility of being re-elected for one additional term. Individuals are welcome and encouraged to nominate themselves!

The Board of Directors is the body that sits as the trustees of the World Dance Alliance – Americas.  It is a prestigious elected position whose primary responsibilities are to carry out the purposes of the Alliance, oversee the support and evaluation of executive and network positions, actively participate in the overall planning process and assist in implementing and monitoring organizational goals,  assist in securing adequate resources for the organization to fulfill its mission, enhance the organization’s public standing, and to oversee the organization’s adherence to legal standards and ethical norms.

In order to fulfill these obligations, elected Board Members must be able to regularly attend the Board of Director’s meetings.  Note that most Board Members are held via video conferencing technologies through any computer with a webcam (Skype).  The main annual Board of Directors meeting occurs during the WDA-Americas Assembly or WDA-Global Assembly.

For information about the Recommended Roles and Responsibilities of Elected Officials, Click Here

To review the WDA-Americas bylaws Click Here.

To NOMINATE potential Board Members for the upcoming election, please  click the link below and fill out the nomination form:  

It is the responsibility of the individual who nominates someone to contact the nominee and have them fill out the "Acceptance of Nomination Application" below.

To ACCEPT a nomination for the upcoming election, please click the link below and fill out the acceptance form: 

After the nomination deadline, all nominees’ information will be compiled and disseminated to the WDA-Americas membership for consideration in the upcoming _______ 2015 election.