Creation and Presentation Network

This network includes choreographers, arrangers, performers, designers, musicians and all others who collaborate on creating dances of all kinds.

Co-Chairs: Falon Baltzell (USA) and Melissa Sanderson (USA)


Project listA

Project listA is the “Craig’s List” of dance; the go-to place to float an idea and advertise for partners/collaborators – or – one-stop shopping to find a project that ignites your imagination + the partners/collaborators with whom to realize it.  listA is a play on words:  the English “list” suggests both a register and inventory of (in this case) project ideas. With the additional “A” the word changes the Spanish “lista” which means ready!

Project listA serves as the facilitator, bringing dance artists together. After that, it’s up to the participants to carry the ideas forward, creatively, and financially!

To place a collaboration call for your project or workshop idea, provide your information online by filling out  this form:

To view a list of Project listA calls for collaboration CLICK HERE.



Hemis-fare is a resource for members to see what fares throughout the WDA-A region in the near future.  This includes upcoming workshops, performances, and festivals.  Please only submit those events that are confirmed to occur.  If you are looking to create or collaborate with others on potential events, please see Project listA above.

To publish your event on this website and in the next Newsletter, provide your information online by filling out this form:

To view a list of Hemis-fare events go to the "Events" page or CLICK HERE.


Dance Partnerships through WDA-Asia Pacific

International Young Choreographers’ Project
The IYCP is sponsored by WDA-AP and the Chinlin Foundation (Taiwan). Held annually in July, the three-week residency for emerging choreographers is located in Kaohsiung, in the south of Taiwan.  Eight choreographers are chosen through an adjudicated process: 3 from Taiwan, 3 from the Asia Pacific region, one from WDA-A and one from WDA-E. Applicants must be a WDA-A members in good standing. The IYCP provides the WDA-A resident with $1,200 to cover cost of airfare. IYCP coordinators also provide lodging, meals and a small budget for production elements. Pre-professional dancers in Taiwan form a “company” of young artists with whom choreographers will work. Watch for the posted call (cv, sample work, project proposal) to come out in early December of this year.

Rimbun Dahan
Rimbun Dahan ( is the home of architect Hijjas Kasturi and his wife Angela. Set on fourteen acres outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the compound of Rimbun Dahan is a centre for developing traditional and contemporary art forms. It features buildings designed by Hijjas Kasturi, as well as a 19th century traditional Malay house, in an indigenous garden environment. Rimbun Dahan supports the development and conservation of both traditional and contemporary art forms, from visual arts to theatre, dance and music. The Dance Programme at Rimbun Dahan runs a number of activities throughout the year, including Dance Days, Dancing in Place, and the residency for choreographers. Rimbun Dahan provides resident choreographers with free self-contained accommodation and use of the dance studio, as well as cultural orientation, networking opportunities and limited production assistance for a final showing. Resident choreographers are required to find their own funding for airfare, transportation and living allowances during their stay. Of those who would apply to the Dance Programme, Director Bilqis Hijjas has this basic requirement: My greatest desire for the choreographers is that they should be interested and open to all the differences of living in Southeast Asia -- sometimes baffling, often frustrating, but also incredibly enriching -- and of working with Southeast Asian artists.  Submit inquiries to Bilqis Hijjas at