Assembly Presenter’s Guide

All presenters need to familiarize themselves with the WDA-Americas Assembly general expectations and guidelines below, as well as the specific expectations and guidelines for the type of presentation event they are presenting through the links at the bottom of this page. 

These expectations and guidelines are part of the agreement with the University and developed so that all presenters have a fair and equal share in the facilities and time WDA-Americas was able to obtain for the events. 

It is the responsibility of the presenter(s) to regularly check this website for any changes to information and to fully familiarize themselves and adhere to the guidelines and expectations!

If you have any question or concerns regarding the below expectations and guidelines, please contact (214) 460-6844 or  Note we are completely volunteer run and will get back to you as we are able!

General Notes for All Presenters

  • WDA-Americas (WDA-A) was as inclusive as possible in accepting proposals while still maintaining standards of time and resource allocation. Be sensitive to the fact that there are many different cultures and experience levels of individuals presenting.  One of WDA-A's goals is to provide opportunities for others to learn and grow through experiential presentation and cultural exchange.
  • Presenters and participants will not behave in an abusive or harassing manner to other presenters or attendees, nor against any volunteer or staff member working for WDA-Americas or the hosting University. WDA-A and the University reserves the right to remove any person engaging in such behavior from the Assembly and bar them from any future Assembly events.
  • Where required, the presenter agrees to hold a license appropriate to the nature of their music or presentation content use.
  • The schedule will be very structured with little wiggle room.  Please be attentive to the time and resources allocated for each presentation type and prepare your presentations accordingly.  Do not run over your allocated time as you will be taking time away from another presenter.
  • The schedule has been designed in a modular format so that all events will start and end at the same time.  There will be a break between events so that conference goers have time to transition to the next presentation of their choice.
  • All personal items and belongings presenters bring to the events are the sole responsibility of the presenters to watch and care for.  WDA-A, the University, and their representatives are not liable for any loss or damage to personal items at the Assembly.
  • Street shoes and hard heel shoes are not allowed in the dance studios or stages unless special arrangements are made and approved of by WDA-A and the University in writing. The only footwear permitted in the studios or stages are ballet shoes, soft soled non-marking dance shoes, or slippers.  It is ultimately the presenters responsibility to ensure the participants adhere to this rule.  Any damage to the studios or stages will be passed on to the presenter.
  • Remember that this is a public facility and to clean up after yourself.  A cleaning fee may be charged to anyone who leaves trash lying about.
  • There are many local food providers around the Campus.  (More details will be posted to the main Assembly webpage.)
  • Equipment, furniture, or fixtures are not to be removed from any studios or classrooms. Tables and chairs are not to be moved or rearranged without permission. No outside furniture may be brought on site without the approval of the Conference Committee and University. Breach of this policy may result in additional charges.
  • Candles and open flames are not allowed at any time.
  • Only water is allowed in studios and classrooms and must be in a container with a seal-able lid.  No food is allowed in the studios or classrooms. No liquids or foods are allowed in the theaters.
  • Presenters will not arrange delivery of goods to the Assembly or University without the written approval from WDA-A and the University, and only within the agreed upon times. Acceptance of deliveries on behalf of the Presenter may be subject to an administrative/handling charge.
  • Presenters shall not post any signs at the Assembly without the consent of WDA-A and the University.
  • In the event of an evacuation emergency, please evacuate the building or area in a calm and orderly manner.
  • Presenters and participants shall ensure that fire exits and escape routes, (hallways, stairwells, etc) remain unimpeded, and will not place or store items in such areas.
  • In the case of an individual emergency, please report incident to a WDA-A or University representative including the location and status of the individual needing assistance.  In an extreme emergency, contact 911 immediately.


Click on the below links for additional information about the expectations and guidelines for each type of presentation format:

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