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Scott Martin

2nd International Interdisciplinary
NO BORDERS project
9th – 29th December 2013
Performance │ Visual Arts │ Spirituality
Facilitated & Organized by: Vangelis Legakis
Coordinated by: Within Itself Release Company (WIRC)
Teachers: David Liu, David Leung, Irene Sposetti & Johan Nilsson, Ralf Peters

This international interdisciplinary project aims to bridge encounters between dance, music, theater, film, photography, sculpture, conceptual arts, energy work & philosophy to create an environment for free expression & creation. The collaborators-participants will focus on channeling their emotions to express themselves by researching and reflecting on the subject matters of borders, identity and cross-cultural communication to identify, eliminate, and within such a collective context, go beyond their own individual limits.

In collaboration with & supported by Xiamen University, Xiamen Kendo-Yishan & MassBOX Art Camp
The 1st project in 2012 was created in THAILAND, CHIANG MAI Supported by and in collaboration with CHIANG MAI UNIVERSITY, CHIANG MAI DRAMATIC COLLEGE and THE YOGA TREE

Fees: 500 Euros for international applicants
400 Euros for Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian Philippine, Chinese, African and Latin American
Fee includes accommodation and 3 meals/weekdays
Scholarships are available for people with financial difficulties. Specify reasons in the motivation letter.
Please send a motivation letter and your CV by 3rd November

Through this process we will question and analyze further the borders between the public and the private space, performance and performativity, visual and performance art, art and life, identity and integrity, and values in a traditional and contemporary society. The first week we will discuss on each subject so as for the participants to find their own particular focus for their creative process.
Each artist will work on their own discipline, but also they will merge to work on Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Kundalini Yoga, on the theory and structure of emotions, on movement language, improvisation, choreography and composition so as to embody and find new aspects of themselves, find a fresh perspective to their own work and a different language to communicate and express to the public. People from different places of the world with different cultural backgrounds, beliefs and artistic processes, performers and non performers will come together in a collective environment to improve self-awareness, perception, free will, spirituality, consciousness, emotional strength, creativity, expand their perspective in what is possible as well as enhance their own personal lives and working environments.
There are different parts of the workshop where Performance and Visual artists will meet but also work independently. Visual Artists will join the morning classes of energy work and some of the afternoon classes after lunch break with the Dance Artists. During early afternoon the Visual Artists will research independently and in collective groups.