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    These are companies or groups of collaborators who create and present Dance & Technology works.

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    Scott Martin

    Performance, workshops, residencies, and more!

    “Co-founded by choreographer/media artist Dawn Stoppiello and composer/media artist Mark Coniglio, Troika Ranch is an arts organization that creates contemporary, hybrid artworks through an ongoing examination of the moving body and its relationship to technology. This aesthetic framework has informed Troika Ranch’s artistic output on every level since its inception in 1994 and has earned the organization a critically acclaimed international reputation. Now based in Portland, Oregon after a 15 year stint in New York City, and directed by Stoppiello, the company continues to build upon a ‘body of work’ that fosters many points of contact with the public – through the creation, presentation and touring of collaborative, multi-media performances, installations and films; its annual intensive workshop on live-media collaboration; and through publications and lectures on the history of live-media performance, Troika Ranch maintains a local, national and international presence.”

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