New WDA-Americas Website Features and Tools!

World Dance Alliance – Americas is excited to announce that we have integrated new networking tools and features into our website! These tools are similar to other social media websites such as Facebook, but specifically designed for and around the WDA community. As a member-driven community, your assistance in helping us test and get theses new tools active is essential! Members now have access to all these exciting new features and tools:

  • create a profile about you and your interests which is automatically added to our private directory;
  • see who’s online, e-mail members, and create friend lists;
  • chat with other members via text or video;
  • join and create public or private groups with discussions forums that share your interests;
  • upload pictures, link videos, and share informative internet links;
  • post information for workshops, events, and concerts;
  • collaboratively work on projects with document sharing, editing, and file tools;
  • translate the site to and from any language (while in live chat also!);
  • create your own dance blog/websites hosted for free here (coming soon);
  • and much more… your creativity is the limit!

Please help us test and get these new WDA networking and communication tools active by completing the following easy steps:

  1. We have added all current members who previously signed up through the website into the new system. Current members can activate their online account by Clicking Here and entering the primary email utilized to communicate with them (sent in a recent email update). The member will then be sent an email with a password to access all the new features on our website!
  2. The information provided in a member's application (which was identified to be shared in the directory) has also been uploaded into each member's online profile. If a member indicated "All Information" or "No Information" on the shared information section of the application, this would have overridden any other disclosure settings. We recommend that all members review their profile in case they wish to update, add, or remove any information. Note that only other WDA members logged into the site can access the Membership Directory (Privacy Policy information.)
  3. Please upload a picture of yourself as an avatar so other members can get to know you and keep in touch! (Avatar instructions)
  4. Please join the groups you wish to receive information and correspondence from. One of the primary reasons we have integrated these new features into the site is so that networks can actively communicate and share information. Future information will be posted in these groups, and emails will come directly from the groups you join. Email frequency will be based on the setting you choose (group email information.) Joining groups is easy, just Log-in, go to the "Groups" page from the menu, and "Join" the groups you wish to be part of! The primary WDA Networks are: Creation & Presentation, Education & Training, Research & Documentation, and Support & Development.
  5. Note that there are many other groups that have been created and can/will be created around specific topics. You can join any of the public groups you wish or create any groups that you wish to see developed. (information on groups here)
  6. Post or upload content around topics which you believe other WDA members might be interested in!

If you have questions about how to use the new features, please check the Help/FAQs page. This page will provide you with basic information on how to utilize and navigate the website. We will be continually adding information to the page to help our membership. We also ask that you try out various features and let us know how things are going. We have started the group "Help & Testing" as a place where additional questions can be asked/answered and where issues can be identified so we can continue to develop these useful tools for our membership (you must be logged in to post to the group)!