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Class: Breath Flow with Jilissa Cotten

Breath Flow – Rolling and Breathing as a Modern Dance Staple Jilissa Cotten, Associate Professor Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, USA This class will explore the impact of rolling and breath development as it transcends from the floor into multiple levels of contemporary movement. Jilissa Cotten is a Native of Corpus Christi and a graduate […]

Class: Yoga with Leanne Rinelli

Leanne Rinelli, Assistant Professor University of Texas at El Paso, USA A vinyasa flow class that focuses on awareness of movement, attention to breath, and meditation. Leanne Rinelli (MFA SUNY Brockport) is an Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of Texas at El Paso and the co-director of Mountain Movement Dance Company. She has […]

Workshop: See-Hear-Touch: Amplified Improvisation with Martheya Nygaard & Yea Jean Choi

Martheya Nygaard & YeaJean Choi Co-creators, kNOwBOX In this master-class, participants will experiment with generating unique movement vocabulary through the sensing method improvisational score. The sensing method is an improvisational score where one engages visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), and kinesthetic (touching) senses to investigate and amplify spatial potential. We define spatial potential as the interaction […]

Workshop: The Practice of Making with Chicken Bank Collective

Dance Making. Improvisation. Somatics. Performance. Collaboration. Possibilities. Offered are our shared and individual approaches to making work. This class provides space and time to discover/uncover/rediscover the bare essentials of what you need to make work that matters to you, make work no matter what. Utilizing Alexander Technique and Somatic practices to find the space within, […]

Class: Bharathana-tyam & Kuchipudi Theory & Technique with Anuradha Murali

Mallika Murali, Artistic Director Mrudani School of Performing Arts, South Carolina, USA Aishawarya Sriram Dr. Anuradha Murali, Artistic Director, Mrudani School of Performing Arts, South Carolina, USA will teach the participants the nuances of two different classical styles of Indian dance known as Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi. The master class will focus on the theory and […]

Workshop: Devise Pedogogy in Collaborative Cross – Boundary Music & Dance with Nicole Wesley & Christopher Smith

Nicole Wesley, Associate Professor Texas State University, USA Christopher Smith, Professor, Chair of Musicology, and director of the Vernacular Music Center Texas Tech University, USA The presenters collaborate on workshops and teaching experiences focused upon interdisciplinary Arts Practice Research scholarship and pedagogy, emphasizing collaborative encounters across art forms, modes of expression, and cooperating universities. We […]

Class: Latin Jazz with Rainy Demerson

Rainy Demerson UCR/Cal Poly Pomona, USA This class seeks to dissolve the perceived boundaries of social dance practices of the Americas. Through movement, we will explore the colonial histories and subversive powers of the African, European, and Cuban contributions to Latin Jazz dance. Acknowledging historical interactions between Cubans and U.S.-Americans, particularly through the 1950’s and […]

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