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Class: Partnering with Lamaiya Lancaster

Lamaiya Lancaster, Adjunct Dance Faculty College of Lake County, Illinois, USA This non-gender specific partnering workshop is offered for individuals interested in weight sharing, partnering, or a new and engaging way to practice. Dancers will develop awareness of oneself in relation to others and will progress to the study of weight sharing, momentum driven lifting, […]

Workshop: Physical Improvisation

Physical Improvisation Sandra Paola López Ramírez, Dance Faculty University of Texas at El Paso, Texas, USA Mindy Grossberg, Program Coordinator ArtStreet, USA Holly Maiz Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Linda Rodeck Tabula Rasa Studio, New Mexico, USA Improvisation is about listening—whether you are doing solo work, partner or ensemble work. Action Theater (AT) training gives […]

Workshop: Power Play – Experimenting with the Creative Process with Jessica Murphy & Cylene Walker-Willis

Power Play: Experimenting with the Creative Process Jessica Murphy, Adjunct Professor Collin College, Richland College, and the University of North Texas, Texas, USA Cylene Walker-Willis, Professor Oklahoma State University, USA When it comes to your creative making process, who holds the power? Are you more of a “guide-on-the-side” or more of a “sage-on-the stage?” What […]

Class: Voice for Movement with Kim McKean

Kim McKean, Assistant Professor University of Texas at El Paso, USA Do you want to use text in your movement work but fear your voice isn’t “strong” enough? Are you a dancer who shudders when asked to speak onstage? In this interactive workshop, participants will use text and movement to explore how Laban Technique can free the voice and unlock innate vocal power. Kim McKean is an Assistant Professor of Theatre […]

Class: Ballet Technique Across and In-Between Borders with Lisa Fusillo

Lisa Fusillo, Professor University of Georgia, USA This ballet master class will offer ballet technique across and in-between “borders” by presenting a class constructed with exercises in various training styles of long-established schools and technique training by ballet pedagogues and choreographers – Vaganova, Bouornonville, Cecchetti de Valois, and Balanchine.  Specific exercises from each of the […]

Class: Horton Technique with Julius Cotton

Julius Brewster Cotton, Jr., Professor Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Cholula, Mexico The Horton Technique created by Lester Horton, has long been used as a formative technique for pre-professional dancers and one of maintenance for professional dancers. A technique which is based on the linear structure of the body, it uses this linear anatomic structure […]

Class : Contemporary Dance with Jee Eun Ahn

Jee Eun Ahn, Assistant Professor Texas A&M International University This class challenges dancers to find both their mind and body awareness, and also their potential forbreaking their boundaries. The class will begin by focusing on breathing and utilizing the floor which will allow dancers to investigate initiating body parts and efficient muscularity in the body. […]

Class: Full Action with José Angel Cuevas Machorro

This class focuses on the effective application of acrobatic elements and floor work using a hybridization between different movement techniques such as contemporary dance, martial arts and street dance, looking for a three-dimensional body that moves smoothly into space, flow and body awareness, generating research on the management of impulses, body connections and dynamic alignments […]

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